On the 13 July 2020, The Dispute Service (TDS) launched TDS Resolution, a new service for landlords and tenants that seeks to resolve rent arrears without the need for court action.

In response to the challenging circumstances of Covid-19 and the recent announcement from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) regarding the Pre-Action Protocol for private housing landlords, The Dispute Service (TDS) has launched TDS Resolution.

Rent arrears in the private rented sector have risen over recent weeks, which would normally mean a flood of cases for the courts to deal with when they re-open. However, the extension of the pre-action protocol will require a landlord to show that they have made reasonable attempts to resolve rent arrears issues with their tenant before a case can be heard in court.

TDS Resolution builds on our experience in resolving tenancy deposit disputes. This new service is particularly relevant now, because of Covid-19 and the impact that has had on the increase in rent arrears. The ban on evicting tenants has recently been extended to 23 August 2020 and we recognise the difficulty that both tenants and landlords are going through in these tough times.  This service can help with that and, ideally, find a solution that would remove the need for court action at all”, explained Steve Harriott, CEO at TDS.

The service is designed to help landlords and tenants agree a rent repayment plan that will help landlords with their cash flow and keep tenants in their homes. It will also help to alleviate the pressure on courts who risk being overwhelmed with eviction cases as lockdown eases further.

The service is offered to landlords for just £150 plus VAT with a 25% discount for NRLA members.

Further information can be found at: https://bit.ly/3gWIfh5

About Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)

Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) is a Government-approved scheme for the protection of tenancy deposits; TDS offers both Insured and Custodial protection and also provides fair adjudication for disputes that arise over the tenancy deposits that we protect.

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