The company, which has its new headquarters in Maylands, took the opportunity to tell Mike Penning about their work helping tenants who rent from private landlords by protecting over £1.1billion in tenancy deposits and resolving over 11,000 disputes over deposits a year. The company also runs a Charitable Foundation that funds projects to educate tenants and landlords helping to raise standards in the private rented sector. 

After officially opening the new headquarters the MP received a tour and met staff from across the business.

Chief Executive Steve Harriott said;

“We’re delighted to join the many businesses here in Maylands, a real hub of the local economy. Our work extends across the UK helping improve standards in the rapidly expanding private rented sector. Housing is a top priority in government and it was great to discuss our work with Mike Penning MP.”

The Rt Hon Mike Penning MP, also a Minister at the Ministry of Justice, also discussed the benefits of giving people with disputes an alternative to going to court.

Prof Martin Partington, Chair of The Dispute Service and former Law Commissioner, said; “Before tenancy deposit protection was launched tenants could only challenge their landlords over deposits in court, which can be a lengthy and daunting process. We are very grateful to Mike Penning MP for visiting us today and discussing the benefits of creating new ways of resolving disputes outside of court.”

Mike Penning MP said;

“It was a great honour to open the new headquarters of The Dispute Service in Maylands and it was pleasure to meet with staff. The Dispute Service provides a critical service for tenants and landlords throughout the UK and they have in no small way contributed to the success of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme which provides protection for a tenant’s deposit. I congratulate them on their success and am delighted that a Hemel Hempstead-based company is doing so well.”

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